Rules to follow:

Wash frequently on hands!

Avoid contact with people which suffer of infections acute respiratory!

Not vcomplicated touch the eyes, nosethe mouthif not you have hands cleaned!

Be covered nose etand mouth when you sneeze or youetandţi!

Not take antiviral drugs or antibiotics free prescription doctor!

Clean surfaces with disinfectants on Startedcomplicated of chlorine or alcohol!

Use the mask of protection if you cold or you in the approaching people ill!

Stay home if you have flu or cold symptoms (cough, fever, difficulty breathing) and call your family doctor for advice. DO NOT go to the emergency units from the first moment. It is preferable to stay at home, and the transfer to the hospital should be done in an organized manner, respecting all isolation measures.

You can find more useful information on the site - the national emergency preparedness platform